A History of Quality

A History of Quality

For more than 50 years, we have focused exlusively on manufacturing the highest quality products, earning us a spot as one of the premier American Wheel Manufacturing Companies.

Products for All Needs

We manufacture a wide array of products and accessories for a diverse level of applications.  Whether you need shock protection, high load capacity, or simply a quiet wheel, we've got it.

Learn The Lingo

Learn about the anatomy of a wheel and which parts are pertinent to your application.  This glossary will help you understand all of the relevant information you’ll need when placing an order.

R&K Industrial Wheels, Always the Best

R&K Industrial Products Company was founded over 50 years ago and by focusing exclusively on manufacturing top quality products, the company has established itself as one of the premier American Wheel Manufacturing Companies. Our wheels are chosen to provide long life in hundreds of applications from light weight hand trucks and carts to concrete cutters and heavy duty machinery.

We are known for great wheels, and there's a good reason. R&K knows how to build wheels that last. Years and years of successful results in the most challenging conditions have proven the superiority of R&K wheels.

Our company was built on quality. Today we remain committed to providing our customers with truly outstanding products. At R&K, we fiercely guard our leadership position by designing and manufacturing only premium quality wheels. We stay ahead of the industry by continuing to deliver great wheels.