Our Product Line

R&K offers a full line of wheels for very application. From light weight applications such as hand trucks and light duty carts, to much heavier and demanding applications, R&K has a wheel to meet your needs.

R&K not only offers a full line of standard, off- the-shelf wheels, but also specializes in manufacturing custom wheels per customer specifications. This capability allows R&K to provide a very valuable service to not only Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) but to anyone who requires a wheel that is not available anywhere else.  

  • Standard Aluminum Wheels

    R&K’s sand-cast aluminum cores combine weight, economy and long life with maximum strength. Our single-wall construction offers a light yet durable wheel with the ability to absorb impact.

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  • Loadmaster Polyurethane Wheels

    For longer service, heavier loads, easier roll and non-marking performance, R&K Loadmasters use polyurethane tread permanently molded to the aluminum core. Resistant to oil, water, grease and most chemicals, the Loadmasters cut the cost of replacing wheels.

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  • Polyurethane Carpet Tread Wheels

    This is The Quiet Wheel. Ideal for easy rolling over carpeted floors, the R&K Poly Carpet Wheel is a premium wheel with a radius tread that makes it easy to roll and maneuver. It also performs well on hard surfaces. It has high load capacity and is absolutely non-marking.

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  • Balloon Cushion Wheels

    These high resiliency wheels with solid balloon rubber tires provide maximum shock absorption. Tread surface is rounded to minimize friction and increase rollability. The R&K Balloon Wheel is famous for its superior shock protection and rebounding characteristics.

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  • Richmond Wheel

    This is R&K’s most affordable line of wheels. Ideal for hand trucks or load wheels, the Richmond Wheel is made of high tensile strength precision cast aluminum with a black SBR or gray natural rubber tread.

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  • Richmond Balloon Wheel

    The Richmond Balloon Cushion features the same high tensile aluminum wheel with a high resiliency, solid rubber tire for maximum shock absorption. Richmond Balloon Cushion Wheels are made with the same ultra-high-quality rubber tread used on R&K Balloon Wheels.

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  • Polyurethane Pallet Rollers

    R&K pallet rollers are built with high quality polyurethane and precision sealed high-load ball bearings. Our pallet rollers are field-tested and proven under the most grueling real-life industrial conditions.

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  • All Aluminum Wheels (No Tread)

    R&K Aluminum tire-less wheels are manufactured with the same high standards of all our wheels. For applications that warrant a solid aluminum wheel.

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  • Aluminum Pallet Rollers (No Tread)

    R&K aluminum pallet rollers also come with high-load-rated ball bearings. They undergo the same rigid testing as our poly pallet rollers.

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  • Phenolic Wheels

    Phenolic wheels are non-metallic, engineered for extreme loads. They are resistant to heavy shock, temperature swings and damage from most forms of moisture and vapor corrosion.

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  • Phenolic Wheels with Neoprene Tread

    R&K phenolic/neoprene wheels are resistant to animal fats and byproducts, acids, detergents, oil and water. They are made to order.

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  • Casters (Less Wheels)

    Built to last, R&K casters are zinc plated and feature a double ball bearing raceway to give exceptionally easy pivoting. The casters fit R&K’s wide range of wheels; casters may be purchased mounted or unmounted.

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  • Custom Wheels

    Not every application requires a standard, off-the-shelf wheel. R&K can modify most of its existing wheels or manufacture a completely new wheel per customer specifications.

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