Plain Bore

A custom bore size which is not that of a standard R&K wheel. Plain bore wheels are machined to customer specifications and are often times used as drive wheels. Keyways and set screws often accompany plain bore wheels. Any R&K wheel can be manufactured as a plain bore wheel.


R&K wheels are available with Ball Bearings, Sealed Ball Bearings, Roller Bearings, Sealed Roller Bearings, Tapered Roller Bearings and Sealed Tapered Roller Bearings

Bore Less Bearing

Bore size in standard R&K wheels as listed in the catalog. Refers to machined bore in R&K wheels before bearings are installed.  

Zerk Fittings

All R&K wheels come with an installed zerk fitting for ease of greasing

Hub Length

Total length thru the bore of wheel including bearings

Core Diameter

Outside diameter of aluminum core before tread is applied

Outside Diameter

Total outside diameter of wheel including tread

Custom Wheels

Not every application requires a standard, off-the-shelf wheel. R&K can modify any of its existing wheels or manufacture a completely new wheel per customer specifications. An in-house foundry, machine shop, and treading facilities, coupled with years of vast experience, allow R&K to provide this invaluable service.


Recycling worn wheels is not only good for the environment, it is also good for you profit and loss statement. You can extend the life of your wheels in a very cost effective manner by utilizing R&K’s retreading services.  Existing tread that is worn and no longer useable is removed and a new rubber or polyurethane tread is bonded on to the existing core.

Tread Materials

The durability of R&K wheel is directly correlated with the high quality tread materials that are utilized in the manufacturing process. Although there are a host of inferior and less expensive compounds available and in wide use in the industry, R&K only uses the best available materials. Our mission at R&K is to manufacture products of superior quality. Utilizing the best available materials allows us to meet our lofty standards.

Only the highest quality urethane is used in R&K wheels. Using these superior compounds allows R&K to manufacture wheels which are better performing, longer lasting, and far superior to what is typically found in the market.

Natural Rubber
R&K only utilizes the highest quality natural rubber which has been formulated in strict accordance to our specifications. High grade natural rubber is durable, versatile, and has excellent physical properties such as cut-and-tear and abrasion resistance. 

Non-Marking Grey Rubber
Also a natural rubber with the added features of being softer, more shock absorbing, and most importantly, completely non-marking. Perfect for applications where scuff marks on a floor are unacceptable.

Balloon Rubber
Available in both grey and black, balloon rubber is the most resilient and shock absorbing tread material available.

Neoprene rubber is ideal in applications were oil and or heat resistance is critical.

SBR Rubber
SBR rubber is a synthetic rubber that is used in our Richmond line of wheels. This tread material offers good durability at an affordable price and is well suited for lighter duty applications.